• A note for former subscribers to the Fleet Street Letter

    The Fleet Street Letter is back. It’s back at a time in British history where you’ll need clear thinking,  good judgement, and professional investment experience more than ever before. Elsewhere, you can read about Charlie Morris, the new Investment Director of the new Fleet Street Letter. He inherits a proud tradition and a serious... Continue Reading

  • Charlie Morris: the ultimate professional

    Today, we have an interview with the inimitable Charlie Morris. Charlie’s spearheading our most important publishing project . As you’ll see below, there’s nobody in Britain more qualified for it. He’s the ultimate investment professional. Q: You were at HSBC for 17 years – first at James Capel, which was owned by HSBC, and later... Continue Reading

  • Why I’m backing Brexit

    Our membership of the European Union (EU) is a subject that divides Britain. In late November,The Independent’s monthly poll on the matter suggested for the first time that more than half (52%) of British voters would opt to leave the EU in the coming referendum, though it’s hard to say how much of this... Continue Reading

  • How to spot the next big bull market

    I hope your head isn’t too sore from the last few days, writes Nick O’Connor. Below is something to get the neurons firing. Late last year, I sat down with Charlie Morris to talk specifically about gold. You saw Charlie’s political forecast yesterday. Today, you’ll read about his proprietary methods for valuing gold, how... Continue Reading