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The 2017 "Money Map"

  • Five stocks to buy now
  • Three assets to drop at all costs
  • How to predict where the BIG money is going next

URGENT:You must claim your copy BEFORE 11.59pm on January 30th

Dear Friend,

There's a problem every British investor faces right now.

If you invest here in Britain – specifically in UK stocks, bonds or property – it'll be a familiar problem.

With so much noise in the markets – Brexit negotiations, the falling pound, rising inflation, rock bottom interest rates – how the hell do you decide where to put your money right now?

I'd like to send you a valuable – and FREE – report that contains the answer.

It's been put together by a man with twenty years' experience managing $3 billion in client capital in the City.

And if you want to make money in 2017 – potentially BIG money – you need to read it right now.

A word of warning: This report does not contain any "big picture" political or economic analysis. Whether you voted remain or leave… whether you're worried or excited about the future… whether you have £1k or £100k to invest… it doesn't matter.

You still need to make money next year.

You need to take what's happening in the country and quickly turn it into a coherent, actionable plan. In simple terms that means:

  • What to buy…
  • What to sell…
  • And what to avoid like the plague.

You need a plan.

And you need to execute it.

Which is precisely why I've written to you today with such urgency…

The End of a Financial Era

Imagine there's a map on the table in front of you.

It depicts the financial world.

But rather than showing the financial landscape as it is today… it reveals things that haven't yet happened.

And it doesn't just show what's happening… but how you need to invest to potentially profit from it.

That's exactly what I'd like to send you today – a "Money Map" that explains where the big money will likely be made in 2017.

Just say the word and it's yours. Follow the moves in it and I believe you'll finish up 2017 far better off than most.

Ignore it, and you could regret it.

When the world changes,
money changes hands

The events of 2016 prove it beyond all doubt:

The world is at a critical turning point – not just politically, but financially and perhaps even socially. In markets, I'm expecting big moves in 2017 – moves that could generate real profits, or real losses – depending on what you do today.

Look. Whatever your views of Brexit or Donald Trump, it's clear both events were "outliers".

They mark a watershed between one world and the next. It's no different in the markets. We are moving from an era of low inflation to one of higher inflation. That will have huge consequences in financial markets.

For instance, in November 2016 the global bond market value fell by $1 trillion dollars… in a single week. The government bond market could be the single biggest investment time bomb since American sub-prime.

It doesn't matter what angle you look at things from…

It's clear we're at the end of one financial era… and the start of a new one.

I can tell you that to experienced investors that means one thing:


When key market trends reverse and power off in a new direction, there is ALWAYS money to be made.

But only if you're smart enough, and decisive enough, to see what's happening early and position your wealth to benefit.

That's what the best fund managers in the world are doing right now.

How do I know that?

Because I work with one of them every single day…

He managed $3bn in the City and doubled his clients' money… in 2017 he wants to work for you

Let me level with you…

With the world in such flux – and markets so sensitive and volatile – every money manager out there has an idea about what you should do with your money.

Most of them will try to scare you.

They'll tell you to run for the hills… go super defensive… or sink all your money into precious metals like gold.

Quite frankly, that's because it's easy to scare people.

Most people don't like change. The world is changing rapidly. But that gives you a choice. You can either be passive and wait for what's coming…

Or you can get on the front foot and do something about it that could make you a richer and more successful investor.

See, in reality there are some major opportunities for you to profit next year. Most of them are right here in Britain.

That's a claim that comes directly from a man with a long, proven track record of managing people's money – billions of pounds of it.

Charlie Morris

Charlie Morris

His name is Charlie Morris.

And he didn't just manage billions…

He grew it. Massively.

In fact he doubled his clients' money during one of the most turbulent decades in history, as this chart shows…

HSBC Graph

Charlie did what the best fund managers do: he made money for his clients.

Lots of it.

Did he make money on every trade? No. No one does. And of course past performance is no guide to future results.

But the City is a cut-throat industry. And Charlie didn't just survive for 17 years… he rose to the very top.

And he did it the old fashioned way – by understanding what's happening in the markets and investing decisively to take advantage of it.

For instance, he bought gold in 2003… before it soared.

He got out of financial stocks in 2007… right before the financial crisis.

And he sold oil in 2014… before the epic bear market that followed.

  • In short, he saw what was coming, developed a strategy to profit from it and executed it perfectly.

That's how you double or triple your wealth over the long term.

You don't bet the house on one stock.

You don't run for the hills every time there's a new person in the White House or 10 Downing Street.

You get it right… time and time again… and make sure you're ALWAYS positioned to potentially profit from what's happening in the world.

Which is exactly what Charlie wants to help you do now. It's like…

Getting £5,000 investment
advice free of charge

Like I said, for 17 years Charlie worked in the heart of the City at HSBC, as Head of Absolute Return.

To get his advice then, you needed a pot of £500k… just to get in the door.

Then you paid a minimum management fee of £5,000… every single year.

There's a reason for that.

You don't charge fees like that unless you're in demand.

And you're only in demand if you consistently make money for your clients.

But here's the thing…

We're at such a critical turning point in world markets, I think you and every other investor in the country needs someone like Charlie in your corner, advising you what to buy and what to avoid.

So I've asked him to lay out – in precise detail – where he thinks you should be investing your money to profit in 2017.

The upshot of that request is a new research report.

Your 2017 Money Map: Where to invest (and where to
    avoid) for the next 12 months

It's called "Your 2017 Money Map: Where to invest (and where to avoid) for the next 12 months".

And it explains everything, right down to the ticker symbols of the British stocks Charlie's recommending.

I want you to download it today and, if you don't want to pay me a few pounds in return for it, KEEP IT FOR FREE.

I don't mind.

Getting it out there is more important to me than getting paid to do it.

And to be frank, when you see what having an investor like Charlie on your side could do for your investment returns… you'll have one question:

"How do I KEEP Charlie in my corner for the coming years?"

I'll answer that in a second.

But first:

How you can predict where the big money will go – and move ahead of it – using the 2017 "Money Map"

It looks nothing like a regular map…

That's because it doesn't give you the location of a specific place you can go.

It shows you precisely where your money needs to be for the biggest potential returns next year.

Once you understand it, you'll not only see where the big money is moving right now… you'll see how you can move ahead of it to profit.

Instead of geographic co-ordinates, it has two key economic indicators. These influence everything from the interest rate the government pays on its debt to what a pint of milk costs at Tesco – and everything in between.

Those two vital indicators are: inflation and interest rates.

Understand if they're rising or falling and the "Money Map" does the rest – showing you where to look (and then Charlie does the rest, showing you PRECISELY what to buy and what to avoid).

Take a look…

The 2017 Money Map

If it's all Greek to you, don't worry. It's simple, once you understand it…

One axis – running from left to right – charts whether bond yields are falling or rising.

The other – from top to bottom – shows whether inflation is rising or falling.

Here's the important point: If you put those two key data points onto the "Money Map"… It tells you exactly where your money needs to be invested under any market conditions. Can you see how valuable this would be in 2017?

  • Keep in mind: Charlie has done all of this work on your behalf already.
  • If you're not interested in the "workings" behind his approach, you could simply download his latest report and follow his advice to the letter.
  • That said, whether you follow his advice or not, it's valuable to see how a highly experienced and respected fund manager is approaching the markets right now.

Back to our "Money Map".

For the past five years inflation and bond yields have fallen – which meant the best place for your money was the bottom left quadrant.

Inflation fell from 5% post financial crisis to o% in 2015.

UK bond yields have been falling for 30 years, bottoming out over the summer.

But both of those key trends have now reversed. I can't stress this enough. In fact, if there's just one thing you take away from this message it's this: inflation and interest rates are set to rise in 2017.

Right now, we're in the very early stages of rising inflation and rising bond yields. And because they've been so low for long, many professionals will refuse to see that the trend has changed. But it has.

In the last month alone, we've seen inflation expectations spike – the Bank of England forecasts inflation jumping to around 2.9% over the coming years.

Copper prices, a bellwether of inflation, have exploded higher.

Virtually every policy Donald Trump has is inflationary: tax cuts, infrastructure spending, building his wall.

It's all inflationary. And it could all be paid for with MORE money printing, which would be even more inflationary.

At the same time bond yields have jumped… wiping $1 trillion off the global market in a single week immediately after Trump's election. The 10-year Japanese government bond even briefly had a POSITIVE yield – despite the intention of the Bank of Japan to target a zero yield.

And the Bank of America has already claimed we're seeing a "violent rotation" in the bond market – potentially the start of a much more violent trend.

I'm not saying this to scare you. Like I said, there are plenty of people who can do that.

I'm telling you because these powerful trends will shape where the big money goes.

They will completely re-order the financial world and move trillions of dollars of capital OUT of some assets and IN to others.


That means opportunity if you'll act to take it… or major risks if you sit on your hands and do nothing.

It's your choice.

Rising inflation and rising rates mean – as the "Money Map" shows – you need to position yourself in commodities and value stocks.

This is important: you need to get OUT of fixed income and safe haven stocks. They will NOT be safe next year.

Neither of these trends – rising inflation and rising interest rates – are going away.

Delaying your investment moves just means you're further behind the curve as the global financial system reorders itself.

Do you see why I'm writing to you with such urgency? You need Charlie's latest research report now – not tomorrow, not next week, not next month.

As I said, in it you'll discover precisely where he believes you need to put your money right now.

Right down to the ticker symbols you need to give your broker or type into your online brokerage.

This report is yours – today – if you want it.

Just say the word and I'll give you all the details you need to access it.

And remember: it's free.


There's NEVER been a more important time to have a master investor on your side

If 2016 has proved anything, it's that the stakes just keep getting higher in the financial markets…

Think back to how you felt the morning after Brexit.

Whether you supported it or not, global markets were hugely volatile for days – enough to make even experienced investors ask themselves, "Christ, what does this mean for my money now?"

Or how you felt when the "flash crash" in the pound happened.

I know many people out there were shaken… and confused.

Or when Donald Trump became President-elect. More than anything else, that was a signal that significant changes to the world economy are taking place… changes that'll affect everyone.

The world is changing.

It's not always going to be predictable.

And the price you'll pay if you make a mistake with your money will be huge.

Don't take that risk.

What I'm offering you today is more than just a way of positioning your money.

It's the chance to have a seasoned and experienced investor on your side, guiding you and your money through the financial markets and helping you make better decisions with your money.

See, when Charlie left his post at HSBC he did something pretty unusual… 

Rather than become a "talking head" on the TV… or write the odd article for the mainstream press… he decided to take on a new project…

80 years of crisis, capital and change

Charlie took the helm as Investment Director of The Fleet Street Letter in January 2016.

It's a big responsibility.

For one, it's the oldest investment letter in Britain.

Its esteemed predecessors include founder Patrick Maitland, the 17th Earl of Lauderdale… Nigel Wray, the £50 million British business tycoon… and the late Lord William Rees-Mogg, former editor of The Times.

Since its foundation in the 1930s, The Fleet Street Letter has a track record of pinpointing the big "turning points" in history… and helping British investors navigate their wealth through them.

In 1938, for example, after a fact-finding mission inside Germany, Patrick Maitland predicted war in Europe within a year, while everyone else was in denial.

"Appeasement will not work," he warned… "War is coming to Europe, but not until September at the earliest."

On the first of September 1939, Hitler invaded Poland. Two days later the Second World War began, exactly as Maitland foretold.

It was the first major world event The Fleet Street Letter correctly anticipated. And by no means the last.

For instance, I read an issue from the mid-1980s talking about the fastest-growing economy in the world: China.

At that time, nobody was talking about China.

In September 1999, while the world piled into tech stocks, Fleet Street Letter readers received this simple warning: "CRASH IMMINENT."

The FTSE peaked four months later, falling into a three-year bear market.

It also predicted the fall of communism, the 1980s property boom and 1987's Black Monday where UK stocks plummeted 27% in a fortnight, and the boom in Taiwanese shares in the mid-90s.

My point is, The Fleet Street Letter explores ground the mainstream doesn't. It's been doing this for its readers for the last eight decades. And by doing so, you gain an advantage.

I don't mean that in a general sense, either.

I mean you'll be able to measure just how valuable Charlie's work is by the results in your investment portfolio!

The Fleet Street Letter couples "big picture" political and economic analysis with detailed and fully researched investment recommendations.

Charlie shows you EXACTLY where he recommends you put your money… how much of your portfolio you should consider investing… and then precisely when it's time to sell up and move into something else.

To be rather blunt, this is the same set of ideas he gave his City clients for 17 years. His fees came in at thousands of pounds and you needed a pot of half a million pounds to qualify for his advice.

But now he offers that very same level of analysis to anyone.

One that meant he could help and advise private investors like you directly by providing real time analysis, recommendations and financial advice.

Essentially he offers almost exactly what he'd given his wealthy clients… but directly to you, and for less than 1% of the price. The only difference is, you're still in control – Charlie gives you specific advice, but it's your choice whether you act on it.

  • That means detailed, fully researched investment recommendations.
  • Constant updates and analysis on the markets and specific companies or funds Charlie recommends.
  • Two separate portfolios – a safer, less risk averse one called "Soda"… and a risk on, aggressive portfolio called "Whisky".
  • Buy AND sell advice – Charlie will get you in and out of positions when the time is right, helping you take profits and cut losses. This is a huge advantage – it means you can rely on Charlie's judgment to time your investments rather than guessing.
  • Detailed research into the key issues affecting the macro-economic outlook for investors – that might be political (Brexit), economic (UK productivity) or financial (why value will beat growth). Whatever Charlie chooses to write about, you can guarantee it'll make you a better, more informed investor.
  • Insights from inside the political and financial bubble – for instance, last month Charlie held an exclusive interview with Steve Baker MP on the current preparations for Brexit negotiations. 

There's much more, but to be frank you'd probably rather SEE what The Fleet Street Letter is all about yourself, rather than have me tell you about it.

I know I would.

That way, you can take a look at what Charlie does week in, week out and decide for yourself if it'll be valuable to you.

On that front I have good news.

Your 2017 Money Map: Where to invest (and where to
    avoid) for the next 12 months

When you download your FREE report, "Your 2017 Money Map: Where to invest (and where to avoid) for the next 12 months" I'll also give you a month long trial of The Fleet Street Letter, so you can review it for yourself.

You don't have to commit a penny to take a trial. The risk here is all mine. And whether you like Charlie's work or not, you can keep your free report with all its recommendations and analysis. It's on the house.

Before you grab a copy, there's another part to Charlie's strategy you should understand.

When you download your report, you'll also see why Charlie recommends you…

Drop the FTSE 100 and
buy these British stocks instead

There have been two major trends at work in the UK since our vote to leave the European Union.

The pound has collapsed.

And the FTSE 100 has soared.

These two trends are connected. The FTSE 100 is stuffed full of companies with huge overseas earnings.

A falling currency is great news for these firms. If you're in any doubt of that, just look at the following chart…

FSR Chart

But here's the thing: this is a tired trade now.

The pound's fall has been overdone. It's over. Charlie believes it'll soar back to $1.30 and beyond in 2017.

As he explained it to his readers at The Fleet Street Letter:

For the move from $1.70 to $1.50 I blame overvaluation. $1.50 to $1.30, I blame the short-term uncertainties surrounding Brexit.

For the fall from $1.30 to $1.20, I blame the Bank of England and its overly-easy monetary policy.

When that is reversed, expect the pound to rally straight back to $1.30.

Charlie wrote that days before the Bank of England announced it wouldn't extend its monetary easing.

The pound promptly rallied.

It rose even more when Donald Trump was elected.

In short, Charlie's prediction has already started to come true.

So how do you make money from that?

First, you cut exposure to the FTSE 100. A rising pound will hurt companies with large overseas earnings – companies that have already risen hard and fast.

And you rotate that money into British firms that earn the bulk of their cash here in Britain.

That means the FTSE 250.

Where exactly?

Your 2017 Money Map: Where to invest (and where to
    avoid) for the next 12 months

It's all in your report, "Your 2017 Money Map: Where to invest (and where to avoid) for the next 12 months"

It should be clear as day: You need to get this report in your hands right now.

If you'd like to see the full details of these recommendations — without committing to anything, I'll send them to you today.   

If you don't think your wealth will benefit from this information, tell me. You won't pay a penny for it.

All I ask in return is that you take a no-obligation trial to one of Britain's most respected financial newsletters.

Keep in mind, Charlie has a great track record of getting the big calls right – and cashing in on them. He got his clients:

  • Into emerging markets and gold in 2003 ahead of the boom, which pushed these sectors up five times over…
  • Into Apple in 2005 at $5 per share. Today one share of Apple stock will set you back $95.21…
  • Into crude oil in September 2007 at $60 per barrel ahead of the super spike to $140…
  • Out of gold in Jan 2013 ahead of the crash…
  • And into global brands in mid-2011 capitalising on a leadership switch to high quality stocks.

Like I said, it was his City clients who benefited from those trades.

This time around it's YOUR turn.

Your chance to invest alongside
17-year City pro

If you've read this far, you're an investor who cares about the wealth you've created.

You also know factors beyond your control can quickly to take your wealth away from you.

But you can do something today.

You can have the best possible advance warning of what could lie ahead… and practical investment moves aimed at protecting you, your family, your money, your assets, and your future.

Rarely is information and advice like this available to the individual investor.

But it can be available to you – and a small few other responsible and smart readers – should you let me send you, on a no-obligation trial, 30 days' worth of updates, reports and issues of The Fleet Street Letter.

It's a private, intimate advisory service exclusively for a certain type of individual… a direct line to the kind of investing strategy that few private investors will ever experience. And that's why they'll never make money in the stock market.

This is real wealth-building intelligence – from a real, professional who's truly been there.

Your 2017 Money Map: Where to invest (and where to
    avoid) for the next 12 months

I've already told you about Charlie's brand new investment briefing "Your 2017 Money Map: Where to invest (and where to avoid) for the next 12 months"

It's yours free, if you send for it today and take a 30-day no-obligation trial of The Fleet Street Letter.

And you'll have access to the archive of all back issues since Charlie took the helm in January 2016. That's where you'll find his longer monthly reports. They contain research into his best investment ideas and a detailed review of the portfolio.

It's a completely no-obligation trial.

And when you sign up, you'll have immediate access to not only the research report in the momentum crash I've been telling you about… but a series of other valuable reports too:

  • What I Learned from 17 Years as a $3 Billion Fund Manager
  • Quality, Value and Trend: The Three Most Important Qualities of a Good Investment and How to Measure Them

But please, don't just take my word for it. I want you to hold our research in your hand and see it for yourself before you make any decision.

And keep in mind that no matter what you invest in, your capital will be at risk. We can seek to mitigate that risk. But we cannot eliminate it. We're not in the habit of making incredibly high risk 'speculations'. Charlie will look at funds, for example, a fund's performance often relies on the performance of its underlying investment, which is something to bear in mind. As part of each monthly issue of The Fleet Street Letter, you'll find opportunities carefully chosen from around the world by Charlie.

And of course, if you're not convinced that The Fleet Street Letter is for you, just contact us at any time during your first month, and we'll refund your subscription.

Everything we send you will be yours to keep regardless.

And what if you decide to stay with us and keep receiving our work over the coming months and years?

Well, as I said earlier, when he worked in the City the minimum investment in Charlie's fund was £500k. The management fee was 1%. So it cost at least £5,000 a year to get his advice.

But there's no such restriction on his work at The Fleet Street Letter.

One year is just £159.

But if you decide to trial The Fleet Street Letter today, we'd like to offer you a special 'anniversary' subscription of only £69 for your first year. That's a £90 saving.

Coming off the year Charlie’s just had, coupled with the level of analysis (and performance) he’s delivering…

There’s no doubt in my mind that The Fleet Street Letter is the best investment newsletter in the UK.

I can’t think of a single reason why any serious British investor shouldn’t be reading Charlie’s advice throughout what is sure to be an uncertain 2017.

He helped Fleet Street Letter readers take full advantage of big rebounds in the oil and gold sectors in 2016. As well as a timely move into banks.

This is your opportunity to see what he could do for you throughout the year ahead and beyond.

Charlie’s investment method is unique. It’s what gives him such an advantage – that and having been in the game for nearly two decades.

Have him in your corner this year, and I’m certain you won’t regret it – especially not at this price.

Remember, with your special anniversary discount you can get an entire year of the Fleet Street Letter for just £69.

In my eyes, that’s an absolute steal.

Get started immediately by clicking here.

Act now or regret it next year

I've done everything I can for you…

I've shown you Charlie's ideas… his track record… his experience in the City over nearly two decades…

I've shown you how the events we're seeing in global markets now DEMAND you respond to them.

Your 2017 Money Map: Where to invest (and where to
    avoid) for the next 12 months

And I've shown you how to respond, by claiming a FREE copy of "Your 2017 Money Map: Where to invest (and where to avoid) for the next 12 months".

Understand and capitalise on it and you could grow your wealth month on month, year on year, decade on decade.

That's how people get rich from the stock market.

And that's what Charlie wants to help you do.

But now it's over to you.

If you want to see Charlie's work and capitalise on it… you have to act now.

And I mean now. This offer is only available until 11:59pm on Monday 30th January.

Inflation is rising. So are bond yields. The tectonic plates of the economic world are shifting beneath your feet…

Move with them.

And capitalise on the forces at work – don't take a backward step; profit from what's happening.  

Now it's up to you if you want in. I think you'd be mad not to try this out. 


Dan Denning

Publisher, The Fleet Street Letter

(You can review your order before it is final)


P.S To start 2017 with Charlie’s ideas at your fingertips without delay then you need to place your order to trial The Fleet Street Letter online (not via post).

It’s the only way to guarantee you’ll receive your 2017 Money Map immediately.

Click here now to begin your one-month trial.

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